Creating Career Vision

Career Vision was officially created in my one-bedroom apartment on a warm Thursday summer night in Tucson, Arizona. I created Career Vision, LLC on the premise of helping others cultivate empowerment and experience success through career development.

Today, Career Vision is officially accepting clients!

Every moment of creating this company has been special. The concept of this company has existed long before it was listed on the Arizona Corporation Commission's website. Since a young age, I knew I wanted to be a counselor and felt an entrepreneurial spirit but more than anything, I wanted to help others. Through my education and work experience, I had opportunities to try various industries and careers before landing in Career Services. Once I began working at the University of Arizona's Career Services department, it was instant, Career was what I was put on this earth to do.

Anyone can tell you that once you start working in the career services industry, the job doesn't end at the office door. Friends, family, and acquaintances slowly start asking for help in their own careers. I really understood how much I loved career services when I started living it day in and day out. The more I helped people with their careers outside of my "day job" the more I thought about starting a company. It was actually the people I was helping that really pushed me to make the leap. The only thing was I couldn't come up with a name for the company; it couldn't just be any name, it had to be one that I believed in.

Being raised in a large family of seven, our life was hectic but beautiful. At the center was the values of advocating for others, supporting one another, and our faith. What started off as a Netflix password that everyone in the family would remember, turned into a longstanding representation of our unity and strength. We termed ourselves the CV7 - a play on the pronunciation of our last name (Seavey) and the number of people in our family.

Over the years, the term grew to be a significant part of our family's story and the person I am today. When creating this company, it was important that my family be represented. Therefore, I knew I wanted the acronym of CV represented.

In May of 2015, I was at a friend's graduation ceremony explaining my dream of opening my own career coaching company to her boyfriend. I explained my story and the importance of incorporating the CV acronym into the name of the company. Then, like it was no big deal, he turned to me and said "Career Vision". It was perfect. Career Vision (CV) felt not only representative of the company but also of the personal family values of the CV7.

Career Vision operates under one main belief- our clients possess the ambition, vision, and potential needed to experience career success. Career Vision is here to provide the tools, job market knowledge, and expertise to help put their ambition, vision, and potential into action.

Leading us to our motto: Everyone should and can love their job & it's our job to help you get there.

Here's to the start of something new! - Sarah